These rules represent an agreement between the online casino and a player. Registration and placing bets with the casino imply the player’s agreement with these rules, with the rules of the games and with other statutes.

To register on the casino, the player must be at least 18 years of age. Individuals that have not reached the age of 18 years cannot play on the Volcano Casino.

Laws regulating gambling games differ from country to country. Gambling games may be illegal in your country of residence. The responsibility for following the laws of their jurisdiction rests entirely on the player.

By registering on the project, the player confirms that they are not a resident of the USA, Ukraine, Spain, France, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Italy, or Switzerland.

You must enter your email address in your game profile, your mobile phone number, name, birth date, and other personal data. All information about players is fully confidential. The player can keep the information about their user account private. The Volcano Casino is required not to transfer players’ personal data to third parties.

All players agree to receive purchase receipts, news about offers, and Volcano Casino news by email. Players will get no more than one email per day. Only purchase receipts are an exception to this.

A player can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time. To do this, you must follow a special link. You will find it at the bottom the email from Volcano Casino.

All players agree that messages about transactions, offers and news from Volcano Casino may be sent to the phone number they indicated in their profile. Players will get no more than one email per day. Only purchase receipts are an exception to this. A player can unsubscribe from SMS messages at any time. To do this, the player must contact the project’s support department (the «Online Help» button) with their identifying data and phone number. All requests to unsubscribe will be fulfilled within 3 working days.

The player takes full responsibility for operations connected with their personal account. A player can only have one real money account for playing and topping up. The player does not have the right to grant access to their account to any third parties and carries full responsibility for keeping their username and password private. The Volcano Casino bears no responsibility toward the player if the rights of access to the user account have been given by the player to a third party.

The casino reserves the right to close a player’s account if no transaction is made within six months. When an account is closed, all the funds will be lost.

The promotional events section of the casino is the only section that participates in the development, implementation, and regulation of promotional offers. The casino reserves the right to cease or cancel current offers at its discretion without advance warning. A player that deviates from or violates the rules and conditions of the casino’s promotional events will be disqualified.

Every principle that regulates the promotional events is separate from the other rules and principles. In the absence of an individual principle or the observance of a flawed principle for any reason, the remaining rules and principles continue to remain in force.

Access to the casino by casino employees, employees of the casino’s partner programs, and providers of services connected with the casino’s activities is strictly forbidden and is viewed as fraud. This rule extends equally to the families and acquaintances of the aforementioned employees.

All bets are accepted strictly through the casino’s software. When placing bets, it is forbidden to use modified or third-party software.

In agreeing to receive bonuses, the player agrees to familiarize him/herself with the casino’s bonus policy and to adhere to the terms and conditions. You can familiarize yourself with the casino’s bonus policy in the relevant section.

We reserve the right to stop, recall, or cancel any payouts or winnings linked to bonus monetary funds received from the casino (competition points, bonuses, etc.) if we suspect that you are trying to abuse them.

We can at any time, without advance notice, block your access to the website’s services and lock your account if we suspect you of fraud or fraudulent activities. In such a case, we reject any responsibility to return, or otherwise compensate you for, the funds on your account.

You can enable your bonus selecting any of available options before funding your account.

We present the current list of available bonuses for your attention.

Currently, three types of gifts are available to players when they first register:

1) A 200% deposit bonus is available to you! All you have to do is make a first deposit of 300 RUB and get a super-bargain bonus specially for newcomers!

2) 150% bonus «All In» for any next deposit over 1200 RUB

3) 200% bonus «VIP Bonus» for any next deposit over 6000 RUB

Maximum debting bet from wager balance is 150 RUB or 2 USD

The jackpot total is indicated in rubles. You can get the jackpot only when playing on all lines and with the presence of the required combination on the active line, which is indicated for each game. When playing on fewer lines, if you get the required combo, you won’t get the jackpot.

Casino Volcano can at any time demand scanned images of documents from the player to confirm their identity when making a payment, as well as demand a video call. The casino reserves the right to block the player’s account until it receives the documents demanded.

Any cash returns (cashbacks) or gift and prize giveaways will not be performed by the casino without confirmation of the player’s phone number.

In case of proven operating failures, the casino reserves the right to write off all winnings incorrectly awarded due to technical errors from the players’ accounts up to the sum of the most recent deposits.

The player is required to reread the casino’s rules at least once per month. The casino reserves the right to change the current rules at any time without informing players in advance.

The Volcano online casino reserves the right to inform players about regular contests, events, and any changes.

The player can top up their account using the Cashier menu and select any of the methods indicated in this section.

Terms and Conditions for the 1-Click Service

You agree to pay for all services and/or goods or other additional services that you order on the website, along with additional expenses (if necessary), including, but not limited to, any and all taxes, customs, etc. that may apply.

You bear full responsibility for making all payments in a timely manner. The provider of payment services only provides processing for the payment of the size indicated by the website and bears no responsibility for the website user’s payment of the aforementioned additional sums.

After the «Pay» button is pressed, the payment is considered processed and is irreversible. By pressing the «Pay» button, you agree that you cannot recall the payment or demand its recall. By placing an order on the website, you confirm and declare that you are not violating the laws of any state. Additionally, by accepting the conditions of these rules (and/or Terms and Conditions), you, as the cardholder, confirm that you have the right to use the goods and/or services offered on the website.

If you use the services of the website, which offers such specific services as a gambling service, you provide a legally binding confirmation that you are at or over the legal minimum allowed age in your jurisdiction for using the services provided by the website.

When you begin to use the services of the website, you become legally responsible for adhering to the laws of any state where this service is used, and you confirm that the payment services provider bears no responsibility for any unlawful or unsanctioned violation of law. In agreeing to use the services of the website, you understand and accept that your payment will be processed by a payment services provider, and no legal right exists to return the already purchased services and/or goods or otherwise cancel a payment. If you wish to stop using the service for your next payment of services and/or goods, you can disable the service in your Profile section on the website.

The payment services provider bears no responsibility for a refusal/inability to process data linked to your payment card, or for a refusal connected with an absence of permission from the issuing bank to perform the payment using your payment card. The payment services provider bears no responsibility for the quality, volume and price of any service and/or good offered to you or purchased by you on the website using your payment card. In paying for any services and/or goods on the website, you are, first and foremost, obligated to obey the website’s terms of use. We ask you to consider that only you, as the cardholder, are responsible for the timely payment of any service and/or good that you order through the website and for all additional expenses/commissions linked to this payment. The payment services provider is only the executor of the payment of the size indicated on the website and bears no responsibility for any pricing, overall prices, and/or overall sums.

In case a situation arises connected with your disagreement with the aforementioned conditions and/or other reasons, we ask you to refuse to complete the purchase in a timely manner and, if necessary, contact the website’s administrator/support department directly.

You can submit an application to get your winnings in the Cashier section located on the casino panel.

When you enter the Cashier section, you must choose the «Claim winnings» tab and then select any convenient method for you:

1. Using the QIWI ( payment system.

2. Using a VISA/MasterCard credit card.

3. Using the WebMoney ( payment system. You must enter your wallet address from the letter Z and the total for withdrawal.

4. Using the Yandex.Money system ( You must enter your wallet address and the total for withdrawal.

5. Using the payment system. You must enter your account number in the system and the total for withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5. The maximum is $1,000. When withdrawing a large sum, it must be split into smaller parts and several payout applications must be made.

Please note: if you have topped up your account using SMS, you can only pay out to a Qiwi wallet.

As a rule, payouts are performed within 24 hours from the moment they are applied for (if there are no additional demands for the player) if the application is made during working hours. If the application is made on a non-working day, the payout may be delayed.

If you topped up your account using payment systems with which you can withdraw won funds, the winnings will be transferred to the same account from which you made the deposit.

Important! In applying to withdraw winnings, you must consider the following factors:

— Payouts are completed through the systems used to make a deposit

Important! To ensure that the payout of funds is made to the same card from which the deposit was made, you must check the «Remember this card» box when topping up your balance.

— If the deposit was made using a bank card, the casino administration can request a copy of the passport and/or ID card with which the deposit was made before completing the payout.

— The minimum payout is 100 RUB.

— With a payout of over $300, the player must be identified. To do this, the administration will ask you for documents that confirm your identity. A video call may be requested if necessary.

— When applying for a winnings payout, you must ensure that you have no unused bonuses on your account.

— A bonus is cancelled with a sum of 10 cents or 10 kopecks on the account.

— If the cash cycle (total bets) on the account is less than triple the size of the deposit, the administration takes 10% from the current account as expenses for performing the payment. If the deposit was made using a card, the administration takes 20% from the player’s current account before paying out. This measure is used to discourage money laundering using internet fraud, and due to the payment systems’ commissions. In this case, you will be notified about the need to take a commission, after which you will need to reorder the payout.

The commission when paying out winnings on the Yandex.Money and systems is 1.5% of the payout total and is taken by the payment system.

— You cannot request a payout of less funds than the set limits.

— The casino can refuse to payout if there is proof of incidents of fraud from the player (in such a case, the account is locked without any funds being paid out).

— Via a financial manager, the casino may discuss the question of paying out winnings via an alternative system not presented in the section.

— When a top-up is made using payment SMS messages or the Ukash and Moneybookers systems, the payout takes place no sooner than 7-10 days after the last deposit was made to the account using the method indicated in connection with verifying the funds transfer. If you are in need of an urgent withdrawal, please use other top-up systems.


Our casino has limits for payouts to players:

The limit for players with a total deposit history of under $1,000 is:

— $250 or 20,000 RUB per day ($125 or 10,000 RUB on weekends)

— $1,500 or 70,000 RUB per week

— $5,000 or 300,000 RUB per calendar month

The limit for players with a total deposit history of between $1,000 and $5,000 is:

— $1,000 or 60,000 RUB per day ($500 or 30,000 RUB on weekends)

— $3,000 or 160,000 RUB per week

— $5,000 or 300,000 RUB per calendar month

Limits for GOLD and VIP ($5,000 and up):

— $1,000 or 60,000 RUB per day ($500 or 30,000 RUB on weekends)

— $5,000 or 300,000 RUB per week

— $15,000 or 1,000,000 RUB per month

*In addition, the limits for Gold and VIP may be negotiated separately with personal managers.

If the upper limit is reached, payouts will be renewed in the following calendar month.

There is a limit on payouts to credit cards: a single payout in RUB must not exceed 15,000 RUB, and the total in a 24-hour period must not exceed 60,000 RUB.

After requesting a payout and continuing to play, be careful with your account balance — you must have enough in your account for the withdrawal to be made. The casino will not pay out winnings if the player requests a payout and then loses the money to be paid out.