Help and FAQ

How long does it take to pay out winnings?

Winnings are paid out within 24 hours (if there were no SMS top-ups).

The money will remain in your account until have you fully withdrawn it to your personal account in the payment system.


Why can’t I withdraw the funds?

According to the casino rules, you can only withdraw funds if there are no unused bonuses on your account.


My game froze/crashed and my money disappeared, what do I do?

First of all, you need to stop the game and go to the support chat.

There you’ll need to answer a list of questions so our experts can determine the exact round in which the issue occurred.


What’s the reason that the casino’s flash is displayed improperly (works incorrectly), games freeze, what do I do?

You need to clear your browser’s cache. Close the casino tab, delete your temporary Internet files, and then load the casino page again.


What’s browser cache and how do I clear it?

When you view web pages in your browser, it automatically saves them on your computer to reduce page load times. These temporary files are called browser cache. From time to time, these files must be deleted.


Clearing the cache in Mozilla Firefox

Tools > Clear recent history > select only «Cache»


Clearing the cache in Opera

Big «Menu» button > Settings > Delete Private Data > Detailed Options > Check only «Delete temporary cookies» and «Delete entire cache» > click «Delete».


Clearing the cache in Internet Explorer

Tools > Safety > Delete browsing history > Check only «Temporary Internet Files» and click «Delete».


Clearing the cache in Google Chrome

«Menu» button > More Tools > Clear browsing data > Select only «Clear cache».


Clearing the cache in Apple Safari

«Safari» button > Preferences > Privacy tab > Remove All Website Data...


Customer Support

To contact the customer support, use your private chat with the administrator

Please note that there should be a red [ Customer Support ] shield in the header of the chat when you’re talking to the technical support operator.

Write to the admin